Postgraduate course

Institute of Thermoelectricity of the National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine trains personnel by means of postgraduate course by specialties:

  • 01.04.10 – Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics;
  • 01.04.07 – Solid-state physics;
  • 01.04.01 – Physics of devices, elements and systems.

The Institute provides postgraduates with high-skilled scientific guidance and job at the Institute after post graduate course.

Postgraduates who study successfully are provided with such financial support as bonuses and pecuniary aids. In case of successful of Ph.D thesis defence single bonus is paid at the rate of official salary.

Special-purpose scientific academic council Д76.244.01 on conferment of academic doctor’s and candidates’ degrees by specialty 01.04.01 – Physics of devices, elements and systems functions at the Institute. Existence of the council with such specialization and scientists-experts who are the council members makes possible to prepare and increase high-skilled personnel of the Institute.

Students who enter the postgraduate course should submit the following documents:

  1. Application in the name of the director of the Institute of Thermoelectricity.
  2. Personal certificate from personnel registration.
  3. List of published scientific works and inventions or paper on the selected scientific specialty.
  4. Doctor’s certificate on level of health according to the form № 285-у.
  5. The copy of diploma on graduation of the institution of higher education with indication of specialist or master qualification (persons with proper foreign education – copy of nostrificated diploma).
  6. Certificate on candidate’s examination passing (under the passed candidate’s exams).

The one who enters the postgraduate course has examination on disciplines: proficiency test (under educational program for specialist or master which corresponds to the selected scientific specialty), examinations on philosophy and one of the foreign languages (English, German or French) under educational programs for institutions of higher education of IV accreditation level.