Thermoelectric centre RAPID

Thermoelectric Centre RAPID is a scientific and technical, production and educational complex aimed at development of thermoelectricity and the manufacture of thermoelectric products.

Thermoelectric Centre RAPID is based on a scientific School of Thermoelectricity founded in Chernivtsi, UKRAINE, as far back as the 50-s of the XX century.

Thermoelectric Centre RAPID is comprised of 5 participants:

All the Centre components are interrelated and complement each other with the aim to promote progress in thermoelectricity. Institute of Thermoelectricity undertakes basic research on physics of thermoelectricity and thermoelectric material science. Scientific achievements of Institute of Thermoelectricity are utilized by Altec company for creating thermoelectric products primarily based on new physical concepts and new materials. An important role in the Centre is played by Thermoelectric Department of Chernivtsi National University. The Department trains specialists in thermoelectricity who later become occupied in the Centre subdivisions. The results of scientific research, as well as innovative technologies and new thermoelectric products are described in the “Journal of Thermoelectricity” put out by Thermoelectric Publishers along with the books on thermoelectricity. Specialists from Institute of Thermoelectricity, Altec company and Thermoelectric Department use this publishing body for the publication of their scientific and technical achievements. Specialists having considerable scientific and technical achievements defend their dissertations in the Council for scientific degrees conferment that is a constituent part of the Centre.

Thermoelectric Centre RAPID invites for collaboration and business.

Thermoelectric Centre RAPID proposes its resources both in the development of thermoelectric products under orders of interested companies and other institutions and in the arrangement of mutual developments of brand-new competitive thermoelectric product.

Thermoelectric Centre RAPID publishes “Journal of Thermoelectricity” in English, Russian and Ukrainian. Authors from any country are welcome to publish their scientific research results in the “Journal of Thermoelectricity”. The publications are free of charge. At the present time the journal is distributed in more than 40 countries. Thermoelectric Publishers also accept orders for the publication of monographs, books and manuals.

Thermoelectric Department of Chernivtsi National University invites students who wish to be trained as specialists in thermoelectricity.

Council for defence of dissertations invites scientists from any country of the world to defend their DPhil and Candidate’s dissertations. The Special Council for defence of dissertations comprises highly trained scientists in thermoelectricity. Those who defend their dissertations are awarded Diplomas of the State Higher Certifying Commission.