Postgraduate course

Specialty Passport

01.04.01 – Physics of devices, elements and systems
Specialty group 01.04 – Physics

I. Specialty formula

Theoretical, model and experimental investigations of physical effects aimed at solving the problems: a) creation of novel scientific instrument-making for finding new knowledge in the field of natural sciences; b) creation of information-control systems, research methods and procedures; c)  creation of new and improvement of the existing technique for natural economy that would contribute to scientific and technical progress and environmental protection; d)  physics of self-organization processes and dynamics of hierarchical systems.

II. Research fields

Experimental, theoretical and model investigations in the following lines:

  • researchon physical processes of generation and conversion of electromagnetic field in devices and systems covering the range from radio waves to X-rays;
  • creationanddevelopmentofnewdevices, information-controlsystemsandapparatuscomplexesin the field of physical and geophysical studies;
  • physicalfundamentalsoftechnologyofnewkindsofmaterials(magnetodielectrics, semiconductors, plasma, etc.) for the development of new devices(elements) of various application;
  • physicsofprocessesin devices, installations, apparatus complexes and information-control systems;
  • physics of contact and bulk phenomena and solid-state devices on their basis;
  • new methods and procedures for experimental studies in physics;
  • physical processes, in particular, electromagnetic, optoelectronic, thermoelectric, photoelectric and others, in devices and systems of medico-biological application;
  • electronic instrument-making, quantum inclusive;
  • research on physical processes of self-organization and dynamics of hierarchical systems.

III. Field of science in which academic degrees are conferred:

Physical and mathematical sciences.