Production of the Institute

Measuring devices

  1. Electromagnetic pick-up measurement device for critical circuits
  2. AC - DC measuring converters
  3. Ultrahigh frequency radiation energy sensors
  4. Metrological AC converters for precise current and voltage measurements
  5. Electrical pulse measuring sensors
  6. Differential converters for AC current and voltage standards
  7. Standard source of alternating current unit
  8. Standard source of alternating voltage unit
  9. Vacuum-meter
  10. High temperature anisotropic thermocouples
  11. Matrixes for laser radiation power and energy distribution measurement
  12. Large laser energy absolute meter
  13. Laser energy standard differential calorimeter
  14. Thin film thermoelectric radiation receivers
  15. Selective sensors for fire-suppression systems
  16. Fire detectors with preamplifier
  17. Nonselective universal radiation detectors
  18. Sudden-temperature-change fire detectors
  19. Device for defects detecting in reactor heat exchangers
  20. Universal pyrometers
  21. Technological distant temperature sensors
  22. Multichannel systems of precise distant temperature measurements
  23. Precise microbiological microcalorimeters
  24. Precise universal usage microcalorimeters
  25. Multielement microcalorimeter for Lithium battery quality determination
  26. Precise X ray and gamma ray microcalorimeters
  27. Thermoelectric low frequency multipliers
  28. Radiation balance meters
  29. Thermoelectric DC transformers
  30. Heat flax meters
  31. Device for quality determination of thermal insulation
  32. Absolute pyrheliometers
  33. Thermoelectric cooling sensor
  34. Thermoelectric converters for AC measurements
  35. IR range black body devices
  36. Sensor for mineral resources detection on sea and ocean floor
  37. Device for heat leakage location on heat ways and in industrial objects